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Liquid Level Controller

Technical data: HBLC

HBLC is an intelligent sensor with a built-in microprocessor. It is designed to control refrigerant levels in both low pressure and high pressure systems. It emits a 4-20 mA signal, which is proportional to the sensor's set range of measurement.

Apart from the 4-20 mA signal, the sensor also has a built-in controller.

The controller can be set-up with all the parameters necessary for controlling a modulating motor valve or stepper motor.

The sensor can be delivered with a cable for direct supply to and control of motor valve or stepper motor valve.

The sensor is delivered in a version without integrated cable (named HBLC) and a version with cable for direct control of valves (named HBSLC).

Product features

Stand alone solution together with modulating valve. Flexible and cost effective alternative to float switches.
Simple installation and configurering with PC. The regulation loop, timer and alarm are all programmable.
LED indication of power supply, alarm and regualtion status. Further an alarm status can be given to central panel.
Split design which make it possible to make easy installation and diagnostic. 
The sensor can control modulating valve, pilot valve or stepper motor valve.







Connection diagram

HBLC web 1

HBLC with control of modulating valve with power supply cable (HBLC-xxx).

HBLC C web

HBLC/C with cable to direct control of modulating valve (HBLC/C-xxx)


HBLC with direct control of stepper motor valve (HBLC/S-xxx)


HBLC modulating valve

Float level regulator



Power supply
Voltage24 V AC/DC + 10%
Current consumptionMax 600 mA
Electronic connectionM12, 5 pins
Cable length3 m (118") 
Cable size3 x 0,75 mm2
Direct valve control
Signal to modulation valve4-20 mA
Stepper motor control
Stepper motor steps25-10.000 steps
Stepper motor spedd in m/s2-40 mm/s
Home recal. Time in hours  0-255 hours
Stepper motor phase cureent0-750 mA
Stepper motor holding current0-250 mA
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature-30...+50°C
Refrigerant temperature-60...+80°C
Max operating pressure100 bar 
Degree of protectionIP65
VibrationsIEC 68-2-6 (4g)
Mechanical specifications
Mechanical connection3/4"
Material liquid partsAISI 304 / PTFE
Material (electronics)GF BLK, Nylon 6 (PA)
SizeLength x 51x72 mm
WeightDepends on length
TypeFront housing
ConfigurationBy PC tool
LED indiationLED (green, yellow and red)
EMC testEN 61000-2
Modulating valveMVS 661
Length5 m
Material / SizePUR - 5 x 0,34 mm2 

Ordering code

LengthThread typeValve typeOrdering code
*The sensor is delivered in a version without integrated cable (named HBLC) and a version with cable for direct control of valves (named HBSLC).
160 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-NH3-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-NH3-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-NH3-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-NH3-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-NH3-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-NH3-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-NH3-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-NH3-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-NH3-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-NH3-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC-NH3HBLC-NH3-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-NH3-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/C-NH3HBSLC/C-NH3-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-NH3-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/S-NH3HBSLC/S-NH3-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-NH3-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/PWM-NH3HBSLC/PWM-NH3-EL
*The sensor is delivered in a version without integrated cable (named HBLC) and a version with cable for direct control of valves (named HBSLC).
160 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-HFC-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-HFC-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-HFC-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-HFC-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-HFC-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-HFC-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-HFC-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-HFC-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-HFC-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-HFC-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC-HFCHBLC-HFC-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-HFC-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/C-HFCHBSLC/C-HFC-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-HFC-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/S-NH3HBSLC/S-HFC-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-HFC-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/PWM-HFCHBSLC/PWM-HFC-EL
*The sensor is delivered in a version without integrated cable (named HBLC) and a version with cable for direct control of valves (named HBSLC).
160 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-CO2-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-CO2-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-CO2-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-CO2-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTHBLC-CO2-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC-CO2HBLC-NH3-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPModulatingHBSLC/C-CO2-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/C-CO2HBSLC/C-CO2-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPStepperHBSLC/S-CO2-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/S-CO2HBSLC/S-CO2-EL
160 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-1.6-2
160 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-1.6-6
210 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-2.1-2
210 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-2.1-6
310 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-3.1-2
310 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-3.1-6
400 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-4-6
500 mm3/4" NPTPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPPulse W. ModulHBSLC/PWM-CO2-5-6
Electronic part for HBLC/PWM-CO2HBSLC/PWM-CO2-EL