We develop advanced sensors for:

Industrial refrigeration
Commercial Refrigeration
Heat pumps

Company information

General information about HB Products:


HB Products A/S
Bøgekildevej 21 DK 8361 Hasselager
Denmark Ikon CO 2 neutralt website Engelsk
Web: www.hbproducts.dk 
E-mail: info@hbproducts.dk 
Tel:    +45 8747 6200

Bank Jyske Bank A/S Vestergade 8-16 DK 8600 Silkeborg Denmark
Registry office Aarhus, Denmark VAT (CVR) number: DK-2669 3934
IBAN No (EURO): DK 5450 61000 1064549
IBAN No (DKK): DK 7750 61000 1064523
Swift Code: JYBADKKK

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