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Harzadous Installations

Atex background

For many years HB Products has supplied Ex sensors certified according to ATEX and IECEx for screw compressors used for gas transport and in the petrochemical industry.

We have now extended the product range to include other sensor types for measuring liquid level in most types of fluids from alcohol, water, oil, CO2 to ammonia. As standard, they are supplied either as a digital switch or with 4-20 mA analog continuous measurement.

The standard products with ATEX approval include the following without display: 

Liquid Level switches:

  • For alcohol, water & ammonia - HBSR
  • For HFC/HFO - HBSR
  • For HC, CO2 - HBSC2
  • For oil - HBSO

Rigid Liquid Level sensors:

  • For alkohol, water and ammonia - HBLC 
  • For HC, CO2 - HBLC
  • For oil - HBLC
  • For alcohol, water & ammonia - HBLT-A2
  • For alcohol, water & ammonia (For heat pump applications) - HBLT-A3

Flexible Liquid Level Sensors: 

Vapor Quality Sensors:

  • For HC, HFC/HFO, CO2, ammonia - HBX