Since the start HB Products has been an ambitious company that strives to develop the best products to our customers. Our ambitions have led to us being the global company we are today, with more than 38 distributors across the world.

We therefore consider it a natural part of our business strategy to take an ambitious approach to our corporate social responsibility and to how we as a company can help to create a more sustainable and greener world. 

We have chosen the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as the basis for our CSR and sustainability policies.

Good health and well-being

At HB Products, employee satisfaction is crucial for our success as a company. We are convinced that we can only achieve our corporate goals with satisfied and committed employees. We are therefore working actively towards reducing workplace dissatisfaction and towards creating a healthy and positive culture with a good and close camaraderie.

  • We offer a lunch scheme focusing on a healthy diet.
  • We offer an employee-paid lunch break where there is time to associate across the departments.
  • We offer a health scheme, with opportunities for individual consultations and treatments.
  • We support health-promoting activities such as taking walks, running and cycling.
  • We have a smoking policy, whereby we encourage our employees not to smoke.
  • We are constantly working towards minimising noise levels in both production and administration areas and have drawn up guidelines to minimise noise levels in open office environments.
  • We are in the process of a major expansion and wish to create more space, fresh air and light in office as well as production premises.
  • We have employee representatives who are trained in safety procedures and work actively towards building a culture where employees and managers put a stop to unsafe work and find new and better solutions.
  • All managers and employees take an active approach to how we can always work with the least possible risk to our employees’ safety.

Affordable and clean energy

We are a development-oriented company, that continually works with the development and design of new products, which can optimise and reduce energy consumption in the refrigeration and heat pump industry.

  • We support natural refrigerants and develop products that are specially designed for refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia (NH3).
  • We want to assist in controlling and optimising heat pumps, which we see as a green and climate-friendly heating solution.

Decent work and economic growth

We secure a healthy, safe working environment for our employees, including making targeted efforts towards increasing safety and preventing work-related accidents.

  • We want a diverse workplace with employees and managers from many different backgrounds, skill levels and living conditions: not only in terms of gender, age and descent, but just as much relation to education, experience and personality.
  • Employees at HB Products are ensured decent salary and working conditions in accordance with applicable laws in this area.
  • All employees and managers are invited to an annual performance appraisal interview, where a personal action plan is prepared for the coming period.
  • To maintain a high level of orientation in relation to employees, we hold regular department and personnel meetings.
  • We place demands on our suppliers and expect them to comply with international standards for human rights and employee rights, as described in our "Code of Conduct".

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