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07 April 2021

HB Products CEO, Michael Elstrøm, has managed to pass on the joy of and pride in HB Products to three of his children.

With their various relevant competencies, the time has now come to initiate the succession of the family business in stages.

Christina joined in November 2020 as Chief Procurement & Quality Officer.

Camilla joined in March 2021 as CMO & Head of HR.

Jonas is studying Global Business Engineering with focus on software engineering. During his education, Jonas is affiliated as a Student Helper in Sales & Marketing. He will enrich the company with his competences from the engineering studio in the year 2024.

Michael will continue as CEO and innovator indefinitely.

25 September 2020

Our new updated product catalog for 2020/2021 is now available for download on our website.  

Product catalog HB Products 2020 2021
14 August 2020

A test of the chiller shows a remarkable improvement In SEPR by 46 % by replacing the conventional super heat control by vapor quality control.

Energy efficient ultra low charge chiller with sensors from HB Products
03 July 2020

The new expansion of our headquarter will add 600 m2 to our existing building which means we can double the office and production capacity.

03 July 2020

Our production and office premises are now heated exclusively by means of heat pumps. The heat pump is optimized by installing an HBX Vapor Quality Sensor that controls the evaporation and ensures reduced superheat.

Michael and Abdallah in front of a heat pump
03 July 2020

Sales Manager at HB Products, Søren Ulrik Gabs, is changing his job position to have focus on Iberia & Latin America.

Søren Ulrik Gabs