Position Sensor

Technical Data: Position sensor

The sensor is used for analogue position measurements of industrial refrigeration compressors in connection with capacity control.
The sensor is available in both a standard and an EX edition. It has a measurement angle of 300°, which can be rotated infinitely.
The sensor sends an analogue 4-20 mA signal corresponding to a rotating movement.

The sensor is designed to withstand the environments on refrigeration compressors, including high temperatures and powerful vibrations.

Product features

Sturdy and reliable design with a 4-20 mA output signal.
Designed for the refrigeration industry – max. pressure up to 100 bar.


Power supply
Voltage24 DC + 10%
Max. load500 ohm
Plug connectionDIN 43650 - 4 pins
Analogue output4-20 mA
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature-25...+55°C
Protecction degreeIP65
VibrationsIEC 68-2-6 (4g)
Mechanical specifications
Thread connectionAccording to customer requirements
Material of the parts coming into contact with liquidAluminium/plastic
Material of the electronic partsAluminium
Size (mm)54x98x72 mm
Design typeFront
EMC testEN 61000-2

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