Modulating Valve - MVS661

Product series: MVS661

The MVS661..N refrigerant valve is designed for modulating control of refrigerant circuits including chillers and heat pumps. It is suitable for use in expansion, hot-gas and suction throttle applications. In addition to ammonia (R717), the valve can handle all standard safety refrigerants, noncorrosive gases / liquids and CO2 (R744). It is not suited for use with inflammable refrigerants.

MVS661 can be controlled and supplied directly by a HBX vapor quality sensor or a HBSLC/HBSLT Level sensor. This reduce cabling cost, PLC programming cost and PLC hardware cost.


.We recommend using the "Siemens Modulating Valve Selection Program" for calculating valve size [kW], which can be downloaded for free under the "Downloads" tab.

We recommend Siemens valves for evaporators larger than 150 kw when using ammonia.

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Product features

One valve type for expansion, hot-gas and suction throttle applications
Hermetically sealed
Selectable standard interface DC 0/2...10 v or DC 0/4...20 mA
High resolution and control accuracy
Precise positioning control and position feedback signal
Short positioning time (< 1 second)
Closed when deenergized
Robust and maintenance-free
  DN 25 with kvs values from 0,10 to 6,3 m3/h





Mechanical drawings M2FP: 


Power supply
Loop from HBLC contoller4-20 mA
Connection3 x ø20,5 mm
TerminalsScrew terminals max 4 mm2
Positioning4-20 mA
Load500 ohm
Reactiontime1 s
Protection degreeClass III - EN 60730
UL standardUL 873
CSA standardC22.2 No. 24
PN classPN50 - EN 1333
Mechanical specifications
Max. pressure50 bar
Refrigerant temperature-40...+120°C
MountingHorisontal or vertical
Weight5, 17 kg
Protection degreeIP65 - EN 60529
Pipe connectionØ33,7/22,4
Material - liquid partsSteel / CrNi steel
Material - sealingPTFE/CR

Ordering code

Part no.Kvs [m3/h]QoE [kW]*
Siemens MVS...0.16N0,1660
Siemens MVS...0.4N0,4150
Siemens MVS...1.0N1375
Siemens MVS...2.5N2,5940
Siemens MVS...6.3N6,32365
Siemens MVS...0.16N-IP0,1660
Siemens MVS...0.4N-IP0,4150
Siemens MVS...1.0N-IP1375
Siemens MVS...2.5N-IP2,5940
Siemens MVS...6.3N-IP6,32365
*Calculated value from the Siemens calculation program Te=-20, Tc=30. Superheat and subcooling 2K Refrigerant R717
IP is with integrated heater
We recommend using the "Siemens Modulating Valve Selection Program" for calculating valve size [kW], which can be downloaded for free under the "Downloads" tab

Spare parts

Siemens ASR61-IP Replacement electronics for MVS661 with heaterValve insert ASR..N

Additional info

An exchangeable ASR..N valve insert allows for differentkvs-values with the same type of DN25 valve. In the event of service,this insert can also be replaced on the plant

Mechanical spare part no.

Kvs [m3/h]


Siemens ASR0.16N0,1625
Siemens ASR0.4N0,425
Siemens ASR1.0N1,025
Siemens ASR2.5N2,525
Siemens ASR6.3N6,325

Electronic spare part no.


Additional info

Siemens ASR61Replacement electronic part for Siemens MVS661
Siemens ASR61-IPReplacement electronic part for Siemens MVS661-IPWith integrated heating element


Installation manual (UK) - MVS661 modulating valve

Mounting instruction (UK) - MVS661 modulating valve

Drawing (STEP file) - MVS661 modulating valve

EU Declaration of Conformity - Siemens MVS 661

Leaflet - MVS661

Siemens Refrigeration Valve Selection Program 

*The calculation program for dimensioning of Siemens modulating valves is indicative and developed

by Siemens. HB Products is not responsible for calculations and cannot be held liable for any damages or

other liability arising from calculations from this Siemens Refrigeration Valve Selection Program.

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