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Liquid Level Sensor

Product series: HBLT-Flex

HBLT-flex is a sensor for measurement of liquid level in gas applicable in HC, HFC, HFO & CO2. HBLT-flex is a capacitive sensor suited for industrial refrigeration systems and similar applications. The sensor has an output signal of 4-20 mA, which is proportional with 0 and 100%.
HBLT-flex can be adjusted in length to fit the current application. The sensor element consists of a 4 mm steel wire with aluminum pipe elements and plastic washers. The sensor can be supplied up to 2 m length and can be shortened to fit the application. The sensor must be installed in a pipe with a diameter between 25 and 32 mm (1”-1 ¼”) to get sufficient sensitivity. HBLT-flex can be used in connection with the HBLT-C1 controller for controlling pumps, etc., or it can be configured to directly control a valve without the need for another controller.

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Product features

Can be used in compact systems where installation height is low
Flexible sensor, which is adjustable to a length of 0 to 2000 mm in steps of 50 mm.
Designed for the refrigeration industry - max. pressure up to 100 bar.
Split design which makes the sensor easy to install and service. The electronic part can easily be separated from the mechanical part by loosening the threaded union.
Simple calibration for the specified length.
Can be used for marine applications, since measurement is not affected by contact with the metal surface of the overflow pipe.


HBLT FLEX in standpipe Small


Connection diagram

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The sensor can be programmed to either emit a linear signal, which is identical to the tank level, or to regulate a valve for the purpose of obtaining the same level in the tank (float valve).




Power supply
Voltage24 AC/DC + 10%
Max. possible resistance500 ohm
Max consumption50 mA
Plug connectionDIN 0627 - 5 pins
Analog output 4-20 mA, 1 A
Transsistor output - alarmPNP, 1 A
Contact function - alarmNO/NC (Programmable)
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature-30...+50°C
Max. pressure100 bar
Protection degreeIP65
VibrationsIEC 68-2-6 (4g)
Mechanical specifications
Thread connections3/4” NPT 
Adapter - 3/4" NPT / 1" BSPP (option)HBS/ADAP/8/2
Material - liquid partsAISI 304 / PTFE
Material - electronic partsPlast
EMC-EmissionEN 61000-3-2
EMC-ImmunityEN 61000-4-2
HBxC-M12/5 5 m - 5 wire
LED indicationGreen, yellow & Red LED
ConfigurationPC tool

Ordering code

300 mm / 3/4" NPTHBLT-Flex-3-2 300 mm / 3/4" BSPPHBLT-Flex-3-6 600 mm / 3/4" NPTHBLT-Flex-6-2 600 mm / 3/4" BSPPHBLT-Flex-6-6 800 mm / 3/4" NPTHBLT-Flex-8-2 800 mm / 3/4" BSPPHBLT-Flex-8-6 900 mm / 3/4" NPTHBLT-Flex-9-2 900 mm / 3/4" BSPPHBLT-Flex-9-6 1200 mm / 3/4" NPTHBLT-Flex-12-2 1200 mm / 3/4" BSPPHBLT-Flex-12-6 1400 mm / 3/4" NPTHBLT-Flex-14-2 1400 mm / 3/4" BSPPHBLT-Flex-14-6 Electronic part for HBLT-FLEXHBLT-FLEX-EL