Liquid Level Sensor

Technical data: HBLC-CO2

HBLC-CO2 is designed for the measurement of CO2 refrigerant level in chillers, evaporators and condensers.
The sensor detects the refrigerant and transmits the signal to an analog 4-20 mA signal. 

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Product features

Complete solution with sensor and transmitter in one unit.
Simple to install by one thread sleeve. A cost optimised solution.
LED indication of power supply and alarm status.
Unique split design which make it easy to install and make diagnostic. The electronic part can easily be dismounted from the mechanical part by 2 small screws


Connection diagram

HBLC web 1


HBLC dimensions  

Power supply
Voltage24 AC/DC + 10%
Energy consumptionMax 50 mA
Plug connectionM12, 5 pins - DIN 0627
Analog output4-20 mA
Alarm outputPNP/NPN
Alarm contact functiontNO/NC
Environmental conditions
Ambiant temperature-30...+50°C
Refrigerant temperature-55...+30°C
Max. pressure150 bar
Protection degreeIP65
VibrationsIEC 68-2-6 (4g)
Mechanical specifications
Thread connection3/4”
Material - liquid partsAISI 304 / PTFE
Material - electronic partsNylon 6 (PA)
SizeDepends on size
WeightDepends on size
EMC testEN 61000-2
LED indicationLED 1 x green, 1 x yellow and 1 x red
M12 cabel - 5 mHBxC-M12/5 
Cable specificationPUR - 5 x 0,34 mm2

Ordering code

LengthThread typeOrdering code
200 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-2-2
200 mm3/4” BSPPHBLC-CO2-2-6
300 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-3-2
300 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-3-6
400 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-4-2
400 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-4-6
500 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-5-2
500 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-5-6
600 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-6-2
600 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-6-6
700 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-7-2
700 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-7-6
800 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-8-2
800 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-8-6
900 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-9-2
900 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-9-6
1000 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-10-2
1000 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-10-6
1100 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-11-2
1100 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-11-6
1200 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-12-2
1200 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-12-6
1300 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-13-2
1300 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-13-6
1400 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-14-2
1400 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-14-6
1500 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-15-2
1500 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-15-6
1700 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-17-2
1700 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-17-6
2000 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-20-2
2000 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-20-6
2500 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-25-2
2500 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-25-6
3000 mm3/4” NPTHBLC-CO2-30-2
3000 mm3/4" BSPPHBLC-CO2-30-6
Electronic part for HBLC-CO2With LED displayHBLC-CO2-EL-LED


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